- how do I set-up an appointment for a photo shoot?

to setup a photo shoot you can either call or email your photo
shoot request date and time. If available the photo shoot will
be booked and confirmed once the deposit is received.
Deposits must be received to reserve date and are
deducted from total price of photo shoot on day taken...

- why are deposits required?

deposits are required to reserve and guarantee date and
times of sessions. some dates and times are requested by
more than one person. deposits will guarantee that your date
and time will not be given away...verbal appointments and
email's will not guarantee or be considered a solid

- when do i get my photos?

At the end of each photo shoot all images taken on the day
of the shoot are burned to cd. you will leave with all images
on cd in hand for you to take home and review. All photos on
the cd are numbered, once you have reviewed all images,
you can email the images numbers you would like
edited/retouched. photo editing and retouching will take 5-7
business days. If needed next day or sooner will require
additional payment, when finished, edited images are
emailed back and/or put on cd again and mailed back to
you full size for printing an uploading...

**You have up to 6 months to choose all edited photos,   
after 6 months photos are $20 each for editing

- do you do tfp or tfcd?

No, if you believe in yourself, then you should invest in
yourself...and honestly how many times have you gone to
work for free...

- do you provide make-up?

make-up artists can be provided, but are additional costs to
the photo shoots. make-up artist's rates run from $75 and up
depending on need. but you are also welcome to bring your
own make-up artist or do your own make-up as well if you

- do you provide outfits?

No, unfortunately i do not provide outfits for the photo shoots.
All outfits and accessories are chosen and brought by you...

- do you edit/retouch other photography work besides your

Yes, i offer retouching services of other professional photo
from outside photographers. As long as you have access to
the original full-size images. Rates are $25 a photo.